Professional traders used to analyze chart after chart to find reliable Price Action (Setups) on daily and even intraday time frames. Today, computing power comes into play. Price Action Tracker is a software solution able to recognize chart patterns on all charts at any given time, Price Action Tracker will literally cut your search time from hours to seconds.
Price Action Tracker will save you countless hours searching for the perfect trading opportunities, the zones and candlestick recognition software will automatically detect them for you and help you boost your trading profits.
Price Action Tracker and its Price Action Indicator will deliver the edge you need to focus and im-prove your Price Action trading strategy.


What do we offer?

♦Real time Tracking

→Price Action Tracker is a real time Price Action scanner, it instantly finds all occurrences of your favourites price action on all markets to bring you the best trading opportunities!
→Real Time Tracking on all selected markets and times frames.

♦Most Profitable Price Action tracked

→Pin Bar, Key Engulfing Reversal, Inside Bar, Mother Bar Breakout and many more..(Full listing here)

♦Major markets scanned

→Price Action Tracker tracks over 30 Forex pairs simultaneously on all time frames.

→Price Action Tracker tracks metals (Silver and Gold) simultaneously on all time frames.

→Price Action Tracker tracks Indices (Germany30, France40, SPX500, UK100, EUSTX50 and US30) simultaneously on all time frames.

♦Time frames scanned

→From 5min to 1week Candle Period.

♦Support and Resistance Zones tracking

→Track the MAJOR supports and resistances in any market so you can quickly find the money trades.
→Track 9 Key levels, get alerted when a pattern appears at Pivot points and Previous High/Low (Previous High, Previous Low, PP, S1, S2, S3, R1, R2, R3).

♦Trend Direction head-up display (Tdir)

Tdir will help you figure whether Supply or Demand is driving the market and where the money trades are.
→Use as a non range-bound market strategy.

♦Pattern Combo Indicator

Indicator showing when one or more price action has been triggered by the same candle (ex: an inside bar could also be a pin bar).

♦Confluence and Price Action Signals

→Patterns work even better when they form part of a confluence of supporting factors such as trend and support or resistance.
→Scan for Price Action that have formed at a confluent point in the market to boost your trading profits.

♦Bespoke tracking

→You can select/deselect Pairs, Time frames, Zones, Pivot points and Price action signal from the auto analysis.

♦Priceless time-saving

→You could spends hundreds of hours hunting for perfect setups meeting your criteria, Price Action Tracker will literally cut your search time from hours to seconds.

♦User friendly interface

♦Audible alerts, email alerts option (Coming Soon)

Never miss a golden trading opportunity again!! Price Action Tracker keeps you well informed by notifying you when new Price Action are generated.

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