Price action trading is one of the most popular and most reliable ways of conducting forex trading in a systematic, profitable and consistent way.

If you want to study more on this subject, there are several actual price action forex trading resources available on the web, but as with everything there is a lot of rubble covering a few gems.

Please find below recommendations for learning Price Action Trading


Your Trading Coach

Lance Beggs, an extremely well respected professional trader, is the founder of  which has many articles on price action trading.
He provides quality trading education with a focus on short time-frame discretionary price action analysis.
Taking you way beyond the usual “setups” that most educators try to pass off as price action analysis, he aims to take you to a deeper level of understanding as you learn to examine price from several new perspectives:


•Analysis of the internal strength and weakness within price movement.

•Analysis of trader decisions and the way that they drive orderflow.

•Analysis of market traps and how they allow us to profit from the losses of the trapped traders.

•Actually – See  here for a whole lot more of “What makes YTC different to other trading educators!“



Forex mentor

The team of mentors at Forexmentor has helped over 27,000 traders just like you to learn to trade the Forex successfully and consistently. Whether you are a complete newcomer to Forex trading or someone looking to improve your trading results, our straight forward, self-paced Forex trading courses have empowered thousands of individuals to build a consistent income stream from trading the Forex market.

•The advanced forex price action techniques course is designed for the intermediate trader who has a basic understanding of Fibonacci, support and resistance and patterns. The concepts taught can be used to scalp, day trade or swing trade the market.

•Over the past decade, the Coach's Corner hosted by Vic Noble has been the go-to community where Forex traders of all levels can come to learn sound trading principles and techniques in a communal and non-threatening environment.



Al Brooks Price Action Trading Course

Al Brooks has been day trading and swing trading every day for 27 years, he is author of the Brooks Trading Course (36 hours of quality video training), several books on Price action (Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar: The Technical Analysis of Price Action for the Serious Trader, Wiley, 2009, and the 500,000 word, three-book series, Trading Price Action, Wiley, 2012), and numerous articles in Futures Magazine. He also provides live intraday E-mini price action analysis and free end-of-day analysis on
His course covers futures, forex, stocks, bonds, ETFs, commodities and how to make money trading any market or timeframe.


•Learn price action trading from one of the world’s leading authorities.

•Get absolutely everything there is to know on price action trading—the whole nine yards!

•Designed to teach you to trade price action on any market of your choosing

•Seasoned traders can tap into profitable new markets.




Chris Capre is a professional forex trader and mentor specialized in Price Action trading. He started 2ndSkiesForex in 2007, becoming one of the most widely followed trading mentors in the world (in over 110+ countries), from countries as diverse as Argentina to Zambia, and everything in between.
Most courses just provide 'information'. If you want to survive the learning curve most traders fail at, you have to go beyond an 'informational course'.
His Price Action course is completely different. He focus on developing skills, have students engage in structured practice, then tackle real-world situations.
They are a 'skill-based course' that is solution focused, which is why they differ from most 'courses' out there.
Through his training, hard work and practice, you can achieve your trading goals.
Check his Advanced price action course Here




Launched in 2013, is the world’s biggest online trading school with 350+ video lessons and 20,000+ active members. Their free trading courses teach a range of subjects including Forex trading, Binary Options, Technical Analysis, Price Action Trading, Elliot Wave Theory and as well as platform tutorials and strategies.
Their team is comprised of a number of professional traders, coaches and developers that help to keep operations running smoothly for their members.
New users will find a variety of educational sections, modules and tutorials.





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